Monthly Archive: July, 2014

Drink Up: Soy Milk

Ever since I discovered soy milk, it has become a kitchen staple in my house. Its health benefits are immense. I try my best to drink one glass every day. But even when… Continue reading

Summer Sipping: Red Wine Sangria

  Summer brunches were never this easy. There are times when I just can’t have beer (yes, rather unbelievable, but true) and so I always need to have an alternative ready. I’m not… Continue reading

Currently Loving: Lemon Water

Lemon, just like its taste, can really kickstart your day. It’s a natural energiser & has plenty of vitamins and minerals that benefit health immensely. And there’s no better time to start including… Continue reading

Going Nutty

I’m sure you all have heard plenty of times regarding the benefits of having nuts, seeds and dry fruits from your mother (or grandmother!) Well, it’s all true. After a long time, I… Continue reading

Classic Pancakes

Pancakes are my absolute favourite breakfast pick. This recipe is a complete no-brainer. You could either make a stack of large ones or several tiny ones, whatever suits you. And you’ll find that… Continue reading

How to: Beat Oily Skin

Summer is staring at us right in our face, and let’s face it, there are way too many of us who suffer from oily skin. And while this seems to be a very… Continue reading

Little Lemon Tarts

I’ve been treating myself to way too much this summer. But it’s just such a fabulous time of the year, and also a time when I get to eat amazing food which is… Continue reading