How to: Beat Oily Skin

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Summer is staring at us right in our face, and let’s face it, there are way too many of us who suffer from oily skin. And while this seems to be a very frequently ignored issue by many girls, I’m going to list some really simple tips on how to keep your oily skin under control.

1. Wash your face 

A complete no-brainer. While most of us wash our face in the morning, a lot of us forget to clean our face before sleeping.

It’s important to use a good face wash, one that really suits your skin. During the summers, I opt for an aloe-vera based face wash to keep my skin absolutely clean and fresh. If you aren’t sure what works for your skin type, contact your local dermatologist, or just buy 2-3 travel sized face washed meant for oily skin and try them out to see what works best for you!

2. Scrub your face

While step #1 is thought of as sufficient, people with oily skin should make that extra effort of going that one extra step and scrubbing their face. It’s so so important to exfoliate and remove the dead skin layer from your face (not to forget the blackheads!). I use St.Ives Blemish Control Green Tea Scrub which is made of 100% naturally derived exfoliants and I must say that it’s done wonders for my skin!

3. Don’t skip the moisturiser!

It’s a myth that people with oily skin don’t need to use moisturiser. If left too dry, skin tends to produce more oils than necessary to make up for the nourishment not being provided by you! It’s really important to lather a sufficient amount of moisturiser that suits your skin type after washing your face. I use either Cetaphil or E45 Cream before I sleep because the aloe-vera face wash tends to leave my face feeling too tight, and so, the cream helps to make my skin supple. During the day, opt for one with an SPF!

4. Carry oil-absorbing sheets

When I’m out and about, my skin gets exposed to a lot of pollution and sunlight, and ever since I have made it a habit to carry my pack of Clean & Clear Oil Control Film in my bag. These are small wipes that I dab on my face. It removes the oil and dirt rather well, leaving the sheet translucent (all that oiliness!) and my skin more mattified.

But keep in mind not to use more than one sheet a day. Overdoing it can result in the loss of the essential amount of oils your skin needs.

5. Use water-based cosmetics

Not only is my E45 Cream water-based and fragrant free (perfect for sensitive skin), but even my make-up is water-based and light on my skin. It’s important to choose make-up that not only suits your complexion, but also your skin type. So the next time you go make-up shopping, read up on the products well before you purchase them.

Make this a daily ritual and you will have clean & healthy skin in no time!