Going Nutty


I’m sure you all have heard plenty of times regarding the benefits of having nuts, seeds and dry fruits from your mother (or grandmother!)

Well, it’s all true.

After a long time, I have finally adapted to the idea of snacking healthily. But for a college going girl, I end up diverging from that path quite often.

To keep myself in check, I carry small pouches of home-made trail mixes to college to help me in between my long lectures!

Munching on raisins and nuts helps me feel full longer while avoiding the oily cafeteria food.

Take a look at the following ones to see how much they actually contribute to your health, in and out!


Almonds are packed with healthy fats that reduce food cravings while building muscle. Consider almonds the ultimate power snack.


Contains zinc, which helps to prevent hair from shedding. Great for a healthy scalp and hair!


Very high in magnesium, these are awesome acne fighters because magnesium helps to balance out acne-inducing hormones.


Pine nuts are rich in Vitamins A, C and D, helping you boost your immunity and build stronger bones!

They contain pinolenic acid, which makes you feel fuller faster, and thus aids in weight loss.

The protein and magnesium in pine nuts makes them an excellent source of energy, so whenever you’re feeling tired, pop a few and feel like new!


These babies are packed with energy! They enhance bone health and do wonders to your hair (especially black raisins). They also help in treating anaemia. So girls, these are a must!


Rich in antioxidants, healthy fats and fiber. It fights acne and keeps your skin looking fresh. It makes your scalp healthy, your hair shiny and keeps it stronger.

Make it a point to carry a little pack of trail mix around. You’ll see the benefits reflecting in your hair and skin in no time!