Summer Sipping: Red Wine Sangria



Summer brunches were never this easy.

There are times when I just can’t have beer (yes, rather unbelievable, but true) and so I always need to have an alternative ready.

I’m not a big fan of hard liquor, especially not in the summer, and so now I keep switching between chilled beers and smooth sangrias in the heat.

This one’s my version of an easy red wine sangria:

(Makes 1 pitcher)

You’ll need:

1 bottle of red wine (I usually opt for a decently priced bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, nothing too fancy)

1 tangerine (or orange)

1 apple

Half a large lime / 1 whole small lemon

A squirt of lemon juice/fresh orange juice

1/4 cup sugar (you could also use syrup)

1 can of sparkling water/sprite (even ginger ale could be used but I’ve never tried)

1-2 shots of triple sec/gin (or even brandy, but this is optional)

A pinch of cinnamon


Cut the tangerine and lemon into wedges and thinly slice the apple. You could even dice the fruits but it’s too messy and makes it more difficult to drink.

Combine all the ingredients except the sparkling water and give it a nice stir. Chill in the refrigerator, preferably an entire day for all the flavour to settle well. Add the sparkling water/sprite right before serving. You could also add ice in case it’s not chilled, though I avoid diluting my sangria even more than usual.

This recipe is a serious crowd-pleaser. I make 2 pitchers for any gathering, and it works out real cheap (student budget!) and real well with all my friends.

Let me know what your guests think when you serve this rather complex looking yet easy drink.