Drink Up: Soy Milk


Ever since I discovered soy milk, it has become a kitchen staple in my house. Its health benefits are immense.

I try my best to drink one glass every day. But even when I’m running late for college, I can always grab a small soy milk box from my fridge and sip on it while in class! It also keeps my tummy full for longer and keeps me away from the over-sugary coffee in my cafeteria.

The good thing is that it comes in many flavours! So if you can’t handle the taste of plain soy milk, then you can start off by having chocolate, coffee, vanilla or even mango flavoured soy milk. My absolute favourite is cappuccino soy milk. But since the flavoured ones are higher in sugar and calorie content, I only have it if I’m ever too bored of the plain old flavour.

The one major thing that soy milk or other soy products are not good for is the condition of gout. So if you suffer from it, avoid soy products.

But it’s worked wonders for my hair and body.

So if you don’t suffer from gout, get ready to feel so much healthier after sipping on this super healthy drink:

1. It contains vegetable proteins: Soy milk is a plant milk. This means that it’s made from soaked dry soybeans and water. So for those of you who are vegans, this is the best and closest alternate to cow’s milk while you reap in similar benefits and more!

2. It’s super healthy!: Unlike the cow’s milk that we all (most of us at least) usually drink, soy milk has less saturated fat and no cholesterol! This means that it’s helpful for those who want to lose weight but can’t let go off milk completely.

3. It’s suitable for lactose intolerants: Just like it is for vegans, those of you who are lactose intolerant can now turn to soy milk as it is absolutely lactose-free. You can also enjoy a lot of desserts with soy milk as its base instead of cow’s milk!

4. It’s great for your hair & skin: Because of its high protein content, soy milk aids in making hair thicker, shinier and healthier. It’ll prevent your hair from breaking and the protein will also help in tightening your skin and keeping it supple.

5. Have it hot or cold!: Soy milk’s become a staple in my diet not only because it’s healthy, but because I can enjoy it hot and cold! Sometimes I dish the skimmed milk in my coffee for plain soy milk and it really brings a nice little kick to the taste. For those of you who aren’t sure of the taste, head to your nearest coffee shop and tell them to give you a hot cup of cappuccino with soy milk instead of cow’s milk and see for yourself!

Give soy milk a try and watch how it works in your favour!