Raspberry Compote

Raspberry Compote
(pronounced com-poht, French for ‘mixture’)

If you all have been reading up on my previous recipes then you would have definitely seen the one I wrote for some really good classic pancakes. Those pancakes were accompanied by a topping of sweet raspberry compote, the recipe for which I have decided to share with you all too!

Fresh fruit compotes are a great topping and go with many things. I use compotes with my pancakes, ice creams and tarts.

It’s a much healthier option than using the dessert toppings you get off the shelf too. Check out this simple 5 minute recipe that you’ll find yourself repeatedly making!


You will need:

One box of raspberries, roughly about 20-25 pieces

Half cup water

Two tablespoons brown sugar (white sugar could also do)


Put the water to boil in a small pan over a medium flame.

Stir in the sugar and raspberries.

Wait for the mixture to boil until you get the desired thickness of the compote, occasionally stirring it. If you find that you have over-boiled it, just adjust with a little more water. Same goes for the sugar.

This one’s an easy recipe that you can tailor to your taste. I prefer using brown sugar because it’s a much healthier option, and also because I like the natural sweet and sour taste of the raspberries.

You could try the same with blueberries (perfect for pancakes!) blackberries, and even unseeded cherries. The possibilities are endless. So go ahead. Pick the freshest fruits and compote away!