How to: Beat Greasy Hair

How to-

It’s important to know that washing your hair everyday is not quite healthy. It strips your scalp off of the essential oils that your hair needs.

I wash mine every alternate day. But sometimes when I’m running late for college, I’ve had to rush out my house without washing it at all. And while my hair may not particularly be dirty, I really detest the feeling of having even the slightest of oily hair.

So I’m going to share my 2 quick-fixes for greasy hair with you all.

1. Dry Shampoo

This is one of the greatest inventions ever!

Dry shampoo comes in two forms, a spray and powder. I prefer the spray and own a couple bottles as they come in very handy.

Dry shampoo is basically a convenient alternative to regular shampoo as it absorbs the oil from your hair without drying your scalp out.

How to use dry shampoo:

Parting sections of your hair one by one, apply dry shampoo to your scalp (not your hair)

Then, gently massage your scalp and run your fingers through your hair.

Make sure you massage evenly and well and don’t leave any white patches on your scalp.

The added benefit of this is that it gives your hair a little volume too. So it’s an amazing quick-fix for when you’re out of time!

2. Powder

By powder I mean regular talcum powder. I use this alternative when I’m out of dry shampoo. So I always have a small bottle of baby powder handy.

How to use powder on your hair:

Take your hairbrush and evenly put the powder on the scalp of your brush. Then comb your hair as you regularly would, adding more powder if need be.

I find myself using alternative methods to hair wash more so during the winters than the summers, simply because Indian winters can get pretty chilly and washing my hair right before stepping out quite often leads to an annoying cold.

My go-to dry shampoo brand is Batiste.

But Charles Worthington comes in small 50 ml bottles that are great for travel and equally effective!

I order mine from overseas because I haven’t found any place nearby that sells them, but when I run out, a good baby powder does the trick for me!

Are there any other ways that you know of to fix the same? Do share!