Breakfast Berry Shots


This has got to be one recipe that makes me very happy.

It’s much too simple and looks great which makes it such a crowd pleaser!

You will need:

A box of fresh berries (blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, any!)

A packet of plain butter cookies (I usually use cookies that I make myself, but you could even get them from the market if you like)

Berry flavoured yoghurt (you could either make this by mixing home-made yoghurt with fresh berries and a little sugar or just buy it off the shelf at the store)


1. Take a couple of shot glasses from your bar. You will need at least 2-3 shot glasses per person

2. Keeping a few cookies in a ziplock bag, hit the bag with a rolling pin in order for them to crumble.

3. With a thin spoon, layer the shot glass first with a scoop of yoghurt.

4. Follow that by fresh fruits and then a layer of the cookie crumble.

5. Keep doing so until you reach the top of the shot glass.

6. Top it off with a berry and you’re ready to serve!

Don’t worry about entertaining your guests early in the morning. It’s so simple that you could make it half asleep as well.

You reap the benefits of fresh fruits and yoghurt while adding that little bit of crunch with the cookies.

Tweak it to your taste and tell me how you do!