Simple Supper: Ramen


I’ve decided to share with you all some really easy recipes for quick cooking every now and then.

These are going to be my Simple Supper posts to make you believe that cooking actually isn’t always a long-drawn process!

With college hours being extensive, I’m often left with very little energy to put an entire meal together, so I choose to go the easy way. A couple days ago I had one too many assignments to do, so I whipped up a quick meal for a friend and myself; some good old Chicken Ramen. The good thing about this recipe is that you’ll more or less always have the ingredients at home! Take a look and try it:

You’ll need:

Water (about 600-750 ml)

Boiled chicken strips (you could sauté them a little but I prefer going the healthier way with just plain boiled strips)

Chicken Stock (you can get this by boiling the bones of the chicken and using the same water or adding 2 cubes of chicken stock available at the grocery store)

Pak-choi (also called bok choy or Chinese cabbage)

A few cloves of burnt garlic (chopped finely)

A couple carrots

Salt, to taste

Soy Sauce

Oyster Sauce (optional)


1. Wash the vegetables. Start by peeling the carrots clean. Then, peel the remaining carrot as you go along to create long thin strips (it’s the easier way to eat it instead of chopping it into pieces).

2. Bring the water to a boil and add the vegetables to it. Add the boiled chicken strips and the stock cubes (or the stock you got from boiling the chicken bones)

3. Add the burnt garlic and a little salt to taste (don’t add too much salt as you’ll be adding soy sauce to the ramen)

4. Reduce the flame. Once you notice the vegetables become softer (not too soft though, you don’t want to eat over-boiled mush!) take the pan off the stove.

5. Pour the ramen into soup bowls and add soy sauce to it. You could also add oyster sauce for more taste and any other seasoning as you wish.

Have you made ramen before? Share your recipes below.

Enjoy your meal!