Green Tea Please!


So I know a bunch of people who aren’t quite fond of the taste of green tea. I’ll agree that it gets monotonous after a while, but as a preacher of green tea, I’ve come up with a couple ways of enjoying a cup of it while reaping the benefits at the same time.

It’s packed with antioxidants and helps in burning fat faster. So now you can exercise for longer and retain the breathing for longer. It’s also great for boosting your immunity and rehydrates you extremely well.

So give these a try:

1. Mix it up

After sipping on some really good green tea that my mum picked up for me from Sri Lanka, I got a little bored of the taste. I switched to peppermint tea at night, but I knew I was missing out on the health benefits of green tea. So I decided to mix the two.

Now, every night, I put my green tea leaves (or a teabag) in hot water along with another teabag of flavoured tea. My favourites are peppermint, nettle, blueberry and chamomile. But this has encouraged me to try many more flavours. And the added health benefits of the new ones along with green tea has really been doing me good. Add a stick of cinnamon to your tea to feel nice and warm on cold nights.

2. Turn it cold

While green tea is usually sipped on while still hot, I switch during the summers and turn to iced green tea. It’s still healthy when cold, and I make mine at home.

It’s really simple. All you need is regular and green tea leaves (or teabags), mint leaves and water. Bring the water to a boil and add the leaves. Let this simmer for 3 minutes (any teabag takes about 3 whole minutes to completely infuse into water) and pour it into a jug. You could also add sugar, though I usually skip that. Honey is a good alternative. You can refrigerate this and sip on it at any time. It’s refreshing, really healthy & definitely my preferred alternative to hot tea during the summers.

You could also add some ginger and a spritz of lime with a few wedges for a little kick.

Give these a try & let me know of the wonders it does for you too!

Photo: yezitea