Primp Tip: No More Lipstick Stains

Primp Tip

Lipsticks are such a go-to for chapped or discoloured lips. I always find myself frantically searching for my favourite one when I’m heading out. I use a more neutral, brown-based one for the day, but you’ll always find me going for a classic red or deeper colours for the night.

But that can be a problem sometimes, especially when you’re going out for a couple of drinks wearing a deep coloured lipstick. Leaving a lipstick stain on your glass is neither very glamorous nor good for your own lips that are left with no colour! The trick to avoiding leaving a lipstick stain on your glass is to stealthily lick the edge of your glass before you take a sip from it. This will prevent the lip colour from sticking to the glass and you won’t have to keep running to the powder room to apply more and more.

Speaking of lipstick, which colours are you wearing this season? I’m going to be sharing some of my favourite lipstick colours with you in my next post. Keep reading!