Monthly Archive: March, 2015

How To: Pack Your Bags for Multiple Climates

Summertime is approaching but the sun is already scorching. What do I want to do? Run away on a nice long holiday! Many of us love to escape the heat of the day… Continue reading

Easter Week Special: Devilled Eggs!

Easter is around the corner and all I can really think about is eggs. About the cute little chocolate eggs with pretty wrapping in lovely colours, or even just cooking with eggs and… Continue reading

Beauty DIY: Banana Cream Face Mask

After a week of tiring schedules and work overload, the best way I find to relax is by staying home on a Sunday and pampering myself with homemade beauty remedies. I realised that… Continue reading

Green & Lean: Kale Smoothie

Seeing how fitness is on everyone’s mind nowadays, I’ve decided to share my recipe for a green smoothie that doesn’t taste like grass after all. Kale may sound like a no-go for some… Continue reading