How To: Pack Your Bags for Multiple Climates

Packing for multiple climates

Summertime is approaching but the sun is already scorching. What do I want to do? Run away on a nice long holiday! Many of us love to escape the heat of the day to places where the cool breeze is in our hair and where the climate won’t restrict us from wearing our favourite clothes. I strongly believe in dressing comfortably and according the the place and weather. But what do you do when you’re on a long-ish vacation and plan on visiting places with different climates? The reason I’ve decided to write this post is exactly that. I face the same problem. This summer I’m going to be traveling to Nairobi where the weather is pretty tropical, but also to the UK, where the weather is, well, just absolutely unpredictable. So while thinking about how I would pack, I wondered that some of you may be struggling with the constraint on baggage allowance and all your favourite pieces of clothing (and shoes!) that you want to take. Take a look at what I’ve curated as an easy way to pack for a holiday that involves multiple climates!

1. Make a list: Everything in life becomes much simpler if you just make a rough little list. I’m a chronic list-maker. It’s pretty much how I survive through college, work and everything else in between. So instead of throwing in ALL your stuff, sit down and think of what you’ll really need. 3 pairs of heels and 2 boots along with 4 hats is not how you should ideally pack. So carefully go through your clothes and make the right choices.

2. Be versatile: Pick items that can be versatile as you go along your trip. Skip the chunky woollen muffler and opt for a soft and warm scarf that can double as a sarong on the beach. Or even a striped t-shirt that can be worn over denim shorts or under your favourite blazer to keep you warm! Another important thing is to make space for some accessories! Pack a few light pieces which you can wear across all your clothes. Think light gold/silver chains, a pair of dressy earrings, one or two pretty bracelets and of course, your favourite sunnies!

3. Think in layers: Whenever you travel, even to a single destination, remember one thing – layering is key! It’s a great way of saving space in your suitcase while allowing you to pair up different items on different days. Instead of optiong for one big chunky sweater, think of a warmer, a few basic coloured t-shirts, a cardigan and some warm scarves. Take one coat as a staple and you’ll never fail this. Remember, you’ll need more clothing for the colder places, so pack accordingly. And for the warmer days, stuff in a few lightweight tops.

4. Shoe love = True love: I’m one of those girls who can’t let go off her shoes. And while I wear a basic pair of flats everyday, I feel the need to carry them all when I travel. But of course, I don’t. The trick is to carry a pair of flats that are casual yet dressy so you can wear them with a cute dress or on the beach. Carry sneakers if you’re the kind who likes to travel in them, or a comfortable pair of boots. I always only carry one pair of heels/wedges, because I find that while travelling, I like to be at ease on my feet or else it defeats the whole purpose!

5. Shop off the streets: The best part about travelling is that you can shop while you do so. I’ve always noticed myself pick up pieces from my destinations. Whether it’s the streets of Bangkok, Koh Samui or Oxford Street of London, I always manage to pick up something that I like. This way I pack lighter on the way to my destination so I can still have room to shop and throw it into my luggage on the way back!

So what do you think of my travel tips? Do you end up doing any of these anyway? Send in your comments and suggestions below!


photo: gizmodo