Round Recipe: Pita Pizzas


My love for pizza is inexpressible, as is yours, I’m sure. I have eaten countless versions of different sizes, crusts, and toppings, and it’s hard to pick what my favourite pizza would be. It would definitely have no pineapple (!!!) but I love a crust topped with fresh herbs, good quality cheese, and well-bred meat.

After exhausting my options from ordering take-out from every pizza place I know, I decided I wanted to make some myself! Except I have no idea about how to roll pizza dough, so I thought of a great substitute — pita bread! Not a true fan of the packet pizza base – it’s usually too thick (eeks).

It’s easy to make your own pizzas. It’s better than waiting for your order to reach home, and it’s more fun if you do this with friends! Call them over, keep a few options for toppings, serve up good quality cheese (mozzarella, feta, goat, of course) and get baking!

You will need:

Pita bread (depending on how many people are eating. 2 is good for 1 person)

Marinara sauce (make yours with fresh tomato puree, garlic paste, fresh & dried herbs)

Toppings – mushrooms, salami, chicken bits, arugula, basil, cherry tomatoes, etc.


1. Spread marinara sauce over your flat pita bread.

2. Throw on mozzarella balls or broken bits of the cheese you’ve picked.

3. Add your own toppings, and drizzle a little bit of olive oil.

That’s all!

Pop them in the oven until you see the edge of the pita crust turn brown & your veggies/meat cooked!

Take some inspiration from these beautifully thin pita pizzas:


1. This beautiful mozzarella with cherry tomatoes & basil


2. Avocado, legumes, squash & drizzled cheese


3. This breakfast version with basil, eggs & bacon


4. This treat with chillies, arugula, mozzarella & nuts with a balsamic vinegar drizzle


5. This basic but beautiful cheesy basil & Kalamata olives

So which one are you going to make?

Write in your versions below!

pictures: redbookmag, modernfoodie, prettysimplesweet