Holiday Heat: Citrus Sipping

With the winter breeze being such a tease, grabbing a drink to warm yourself up is the only way to deal with the chill. And while mulled wines or a hot toddy are… Continue reading

Round Recipe: Pita Pizzas

My love for pizza is inexpressible, as is yours, I’m sure. I have eaten countless versions of different sizes, crusts, and toppings, and it’s hard to pick what my favourite pizza would be.… Continue reading

Home Remedies 101: Healing Winter Skin

Winter’s setting in slowly but surely, so dry skin is becoming a problem for the most of us. I find that treating dry skin with home remedies is a lot better than investing… Continue reading

Iced Coffee, 2 Ways

With the mornings not getting any cooler in my city, I’ve decided to swap my morning cup of hot coffee for a tall glass of iced coffee. Over the past few months, I’ve… Continue reading

Bread & Breakfast: Fat, Fluffy French Toast

It’s important to fill your tummy with food pretty much as soon as you wake up. I’ve spoken about this earlier in another egg-based recipe, and I’m back with one more breakfast favourite… Continue reading

Plan Your Tan!

Sun-kissed skin is on everyone’s wish-list every summer, but you don’t want it sun-bitten, do you? Take a look at my guide to sun protection to make sure you’re going about it the… Continue reading

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust – An Animal Orphanage in Nairobi

There are one too many places to visit in Nairobi, and you definitely shouldn’t miss out on the David Sheldrick Animal Orphanage. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is basically an orphaned elephant &… Continue reading

Summer Superfoods: Chickpea Salad

Well ever since I got onto the health and fitness bandwagon, I’ve been looking at meals that will fill me up without having to waste too much time in preparing them. The usual… Continue reading

Baker’s Basket: Banana Chocolate-chip Oatmeal Muffins

So I recently got back home and realised that I had all the access I could wish for to my baking trays and recipes. I decided to go whip up some breakfast appropriate… Continue reading

Snack Swap: Apples & Cinnamon

It’s that odd hour of the day when it’s been a while since you had lunch but there’s more than just a couple hours left for dinner. What do you do? You grab… Continue reading