Beauty DIY: Banana Cream Face Mask

After a week of tiring schedules and work overload, the best way I find to relax is by staying home on a Sunday and pampering myself with homemade beauty remedies. I realised that… Continue reading

Green & Lean: Kale Smoothie

Seeing how fitness is on everyone’s mind nowadays, I’ve decided to share my recipe for a green smoothie that doesn’t taste like grass after all. Kale may sound like a no-go for some… Continue reading

Stir Fried Chicken & Bok Choy

If you’ve been a follower of all the wonder on my website, then you know that when it comes to food, I cannot really stand having to cook for too long. My favourite… Continue reading

Breakfast Special: Banana-Oat Blended Smoothie

Here’s a breakfast recipe you just cannot ignore (unless, of course you hate bananas). It’s packed with good nutrients that your body should absorb right in the morning to give you the best… Continue reading

Primp Tip: No More Lipstick Stains

Lipsticks are such a go-to for chapped or discoloured lips. I always find myself frantically searching for my favourite one when I’m heading out. I use a more neutral, brown-based one for the… Continue reading

Sweet Dreams: The Truth About Beauty Sleep

“Beauty sleep” isn’t just a myth. There’s a reason why each one of you should get at least 7 hours of sleep a night if not 8. A good rested body and mind… Continue reading

Homemade Specials: Lemonade with Fresh Berries

Well, the summer’s gone but you’ll still find me only sipping on lemonade and coconut water. The afternoon heat really gets to me and I need to constantly cool my body down with a… Continue reading

Travel Log: Thailand & Its Island

It was about 2 years ago when I visited Thailand. On my itinerary were its capital Bangkok and one of its breathtaking islands, Koh Samui. I left in December 2012 for Bangkok, met… Continue reading

Green Tea Please!

So I know a bunch of people who aren’t quite fond of the taste of green tea. I’ll agree that it gets monotonous after a while, but as a preacher of green tea,… Continue reading

Simple Supper: Ramen

I’ve decided to share with you all some really easy recipes for quick cooking every now and then. These are going to be my Simple Supper posts to make you believe that cooking… Continue reading