Artist Feature: Midland Sparks

  Started about a year back, Midland Sparks is the solo project of Pune based Maitreya Rajurkar. An experimental sound-flow, his debut EP ‘Rundrum’ builds up from laidback vibes to drum n bass… Continue reading

Pining for the past: Paris

With the Paris Fashion Week ending, I was filled with endless nostalgia of my last summer in the place most famously known as the City of Love. Paris holds so many beautiful moments… Continue reading

Breakfast Berry Shots

This has got to be one recipe that makes me very happy. It’s much too simple and looks great which makes it such a crowd pleaser! You will need: A box of fresh… Continue reading

How to: Beat Greasy Hair

It’s important to know that washing your hair everyday is not quite healthy. It strips your scalp off of the essential oils that your hair needs. I wash mine every alternate day. But… Continue reading

Raspberry Compote

(pronounced com-poht, French for ‘mixture’) If you all have been reading up on my previous recipes then you would have definitely seen the one I wrote for some really good classic pancakes. Those… Continue reading

Tuesday Temptation: Chocolate Mousse Tart

  There’s nothing better than cheering yourself up mid-week. This is one of my favourite dos for dessert. And I love the fact that you need no more than 20 minutes to make… Continue reading

Drink Up: Soy Milk

Ever since I discovered soy milk, it has become a kitchen staple in my house. Its health benefits are immense. I try my best to drink one glass every day. But even when… Continue reading

Summer Sipping: Red Wine Sangria

  Summer brunches were never this easy. There are times when I just can’t have beer (yes, rather unbelievable, but true) and so I always need to have an alternative ready. I’m not… Continue reading

Currently Loving: Lemon Water

Lemon, just like its taste, can really kickstart your day. It’s a natural energiser & has plenty of vitamins and minerals that benefit health immensely. And there’s no better time to start including… Continue reading

Going Nutty

I’m sure you all have heard plenty of times regarding the benefits of having nuts, seeds and dry fruits from your mother (or grandmother!) Well, it’s all true. After a long time, I… Continue reading