Classic Pancakes

Pancakes are my absolute favourite breakfast pick. This recipe is a complete no-brainer. You could either make a stack of large ones or several tiny ones, whatever suits you. And you’ll find that… Continue reading

How to: Beat Oily Skin

Summer is staring at us right in our face, and let’s face it, there are way too many of us who suffer from oily skin. And while this seems to be a very… Continue reading

Little Lemon Tarts

I’ve been treating myself to way too much this summer. But it’s just such a fabulous time of the year, and also a time when I get to eat amazing food which is… Continue reading

Chocolate Mousse Cake

I bake a lot of cakes all year round, but this is hands-down my favourite no-bake cake! It’s way too simple and quick, which makes it my best dessert option for when I… Continue reading

Spiced Hot Chocolate

I’m currently living in Nairobi where the weather tends to dip during the night considerably. And while my mornings are filled with home-made iced-teas and lemonades, I can’t help but treat myself to… Continue reading

Postcard Worthy

Every year when I’m in Nairobi for the summer, my family & I always take off for a few weeks to someplace else around the world. This summer we decided to head to… Continue reading

Croque Madame

I know this one’s slightly heavier on the calories, but it makes for amazing breakfast. I especially enjoy it after a good swim on a sunny day, or just any morning truthfully. It’ll… Continue reading