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Plan Your Tan!

Sun-kissed skin is on everyone’s wish-list every summer, but you don’t want it sun-bitten, do you? Take a look at my guide to sun protection to make sure you’re going about it the… Continue reading

Summer Superfoods: Chickpea Salad

Well ever since I got onto the health and fitness bandwagon, I’ve been looking at meals that will fill me up without having to waste too much time in preparing them. The usual… Continue reading

Honey Berry Love Juice

My holiday in Kenya is coming to end soon, but I’ve been utilizing all my time in making food and drinks that are interesting, weather friendly and ever so easy. One of them… Continue reading

Summer Sipping: Watermelon Cooler

The summer heat can get to the best of us. I’m forever looking for ways to cool my body down, be it in the afternoon or post a workout. Lemonade and cucumber/mint water… Continue reading

How To: Pack Your Bags for Multiple Climates

Summertime is approaching but the sun is already scorching. What do I want to do? Run away on a nice long holiday! Many of us love to escape the heat of the day… Continue reading

Travel Log: Thailand & Its Island

It was about 2 years ago when I visited Thailand. On my itinerary were its capital Bangkok and one of its breathtaking islands, Koh Samui. I left in December 2012 for Bangkok, met… Continue reading

How to: Beat Greasy Hair

It’s important to know that washing your hair everyday is not quite healthy. It strips your scalp off of the essential oils that your hair needs. I wash mine every alternate day. But… Continue reading

Summer Sipping: Red Wine Sangria

  Summer brunches were never this easy. There are times when I just can’t have beer (yes, rather unbelievable, but true) and so I always need to have an alternative ready. I’m not… Continue reading

Currently Loving: Lemon Water

Lemon, just like its taste, can really kickstart your day. It’s a natural energiser & has plenty of vitamins and minerals that benefit health immensely. And there’s no better time to start including… Continue reading